What is a Slot?


The acronym SLOT stands for “slave of technology.” This term describes people who are addicted to electronic gadgets, and simply cannot live without them. Many urban teenagers can relate to this moniker, which can also apply to guys. Depending on the situation, a guy may be the SLOT, while a girl may be the SLOT. However, it does not necessarily mean that he’s a’slave of technology.’

The high slot is a prime place for a defenseman to take a shot. While some defenders take slap shots into the net at speeds of up to 100 mph, others must react lightning-fast to redirect them into the net. The well-placed one-timer from the high slot is one of the most dangerous shots in hockey. If it’s done correctly, the puck can be deflected and slammed into the net.

There are two main types of slots in computers. The first type is called a “bios slot.” The second is referred to as a “memory slot”. These slots are usually located on the side of the motherboard. If the motherboard has an expansion slot, it will work with it. Otherwise, it won’t work. The other two types of slots are the PCI and AGP slots. If you want to change your computer’s processor, you’ll need to buy a new motherboard that has slots.

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