What Makes a Casino Gambling Experience?

The idea of walking into a casino with its flashy decor, upbeat music and the anticipation of knowing luck will strike while playing poker or roulette is a heady rush. Often casinos will have plenty of restaurants and entertainment options too. The best casinos use a mix of well known games, some live leader content and fresh, innovative software to create an exciting, fun and engaging experience for their players.

Many casinos play on human psychology in order to keep people inside the building and gambling all night long. It is not just about free drinks and a variety of comps that keep the money coming in, it goes way deeper than that. It’s about the bright lights and slot noise that activate the senses and the psychological triggers that make humans lose track of time. For example, casinos avoid using any clocks on their walls so that you can easily get lost in the games and forget the time.

The average casino gambler is a woman in her 40s or 50s with a college degree and a good paying job. However, that is only part of the story and it is important to understand what your audience wants from you as a brand and what job they are “hiring you for”. Demographics are useful but if you don’t understand why people choose your casino over another you may not be able to provide them with what they need to keep gambling.

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