Slots in Conversational Bots


The term slot has a variety of meanings, from being a hollow on a board to an interior opening in a copy desk. This word is also related to the deer track; the bloodhound follows the slot of a wounded deer to find its owner. The term slot also refers to a type of slot machine. A slot is a hollow space where a piece slides in and out. There are also many other meanings of slot, including a job position and a game.

In order to use slots in a conversational application, you need to map the slot types to entities in your utterance. For example, you can map New York to the built-in entity value of “New York City.” By doing this, you can tell the bot that you mean “New-York City,” and it will automatically add the correct synonym. You can also add synonyms to an utterance by clicking the field and pressing Enter. You can also delete a synonym by hovering over it and clicking X.

In sports, the word slot has many meanings. Its definition varies from context to context, and is not always clear from one definition to the next. In the context of sports, a slot is a narrow opening used to receive or distribute things. It may be a position in an organization, a slot machine, or the unmarked space between faceoff circles on an ice hockey rink. It may also refer to a position in a sports team.

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