Online Gambling and Addiction

Online Gambling

Despite being illegal in some states, online gambling is a viable option for many people. Although gambling is a growing industry, it is not yet fully regulated by the government. Some states, including Nevada and Delaware, are beginning the process of regulating online gambling. These efforts will continue on a state-by-state basis.

Although the links between Internet gambling and mental health are unclear, there is some evidence that suggests that problem gamblers are more likely to engage in Internet modes. However, there is no single indicator that can reliably predict problem gambling in a large population. In addition, not all highly involved gamblers are screened negatively for gambling disorders.

The DSM-5 Taskforce has called for more research on the relationship between online gaming and addiction. This is due to the fact that Internet gaming and gambling are both similar behaviors with the potential for harm. Thus, the current paper aims to present a comprehensive literature review of the existing research and highlight new findings pertaining to adult internet gambling addiction.

Despite the prevalence of problem gambling in young people, the link between online gambling problems is unclear. In fact, Internet gambling is a growing trend among young people.

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